Instructional Design and Facilitation

Amber Woodruff Education Consulting helps experts turn their content into presentations and courses that are accessible to wide audiences. With specialized instructional design for adult learners and integrated facilitation, we work in conjunction with creators to ensure maximum comprehension and retention across both virtual and in-person presentation formats.

Translating your expertise in an organized and digestible way

Creating a more equitable and inclusive learning environment

Designing and delivering effective and engaging learning experiences that center the learner 

We optimize learner success by: 

Instructional Design Projects

• Content Organization
• Learning Plans
• Virtual & In-Person Presentations & Courses
• Mastermind Courses

Facilitation Capabilities


•Leading Workshops
• Ice Breaker Interactions
• Review of Powerpoint Decks

•Adult Learners
• Teachers
• Principals
• Senior Education Leaders
• Institutes of Higher Learning

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